How the Widgit Works

Lets assume for a moment, that a mountain bike is being ridden in typical single track terrain where the 32 tooth 'middle' chain ring is used all or most of the ride.

The middle chainring provides 9 gear ratios from the lowest 1.06 to the highest 0.34. Your front derailleur system provides 27 ratios, however outside of middle ring it actually only provides 3 lower gears (1.54/1.36/1.18) and 2 higher gears (0.30/0.25).

The Widgit single chainring set-up bridges the gap between 22 tooth "granny" and 32 tooth "middle" ring, with a choice of 28, 30, 32, 34 tooth sprockets to match your ability. This will allow you to go anywhere without the front derailleur system which is heavy, prone to derailment, damage and wear.

The Widgit single chainring means you'll do less shifting and will give you greater ground clearance so you can simply enjoy your ride more.

Benefits of a Widgit

The Widgit with it's built in Chain Guide is the ultimate Single Chainring set-up, designed specifically for Cross Country and All Mountain riders who want a lightweight mountain bike

Teeth laser cut to "Gear Quality" for accuracy and precise engagement

Made out of stainless steel wearplate for longer chain and sprocket life

Lightweight aluminum chain guides for protection and alignment (Replaceable)

Less weight as a result of making front derailleur, shifter and 2 chainrings redundant

Less shifting - lets you concentrate on riding

More ground clearance

No modifications - Easy installation

Technical info

Gearing rations

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Widgit Setup

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