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 Paul Haggarty, Widgit founder/inventorThe inventor, Paul Haggarty from Brisbane, Australia founded "The Chain Gang", manufacturers of high quality motorcycle sprockets for over 30 years. His successful history in MotoCross and Enduro racing continued on into Cross Country mountain biking.

With both technical expertise and track experience Paul recognized how unnecessarily complex and inefficient the front derailleur system is. Why carry around gears that are rarely ever used, when you can just have the ones you do use?

Without anything on the market, Paul has invented "The Widgit", a revolutionary design concept that completely replaces the front derailleur assembly delivering cross country specific gears in a simple, reliable and lightweight unit, that can be easily fitted to existing cranks. Arguably the best single chainring setup for XC and AM on the market at the moment. Brilliant.
The Widgit is manufactured entirely in Australia. Each Widgit is assembled by hand and inspected for defects.

The team at Widgit are active mountain bikers, continually track testing to improve performance where possible.

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